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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How do I register for PGSA? Please check the "Registration" page link above.
Do I have to create a login to register? If this is your first time registering using SportEngine, yes you will need to create an account at
Do I have to submit the required documents every year? Yes. We do not keep the files year to year for security reasons.
What are the age requirements for PGSA? You must be between the age of 3-14. The age division your child will play in is their age on Dec 31 from the previous year.
What are the registration fees that are due at registration? See the Player Registration page for the latest season for updated fee amounts.
What forms of payment do you accept for registration? Credit or Debit Card only
Do we have to participate in the PGSA fundraiser? Yes, the fundraisers for Spring seasons are mandatory.
Is there concession stand duty? No, concession stand duty is already included in your registration fee.
When will Spring 2022 season start? PGSA draft day will be from Aug 27 to 28 practice will begin immediately afterwards. Games will start the week of Sept 12th.
When are tryouts for Spring 2022? Tryouts will be held - Jan 21st, no tryouts for T-Ball
What will tryouts consist of? Tryouts for all divisions will consist of fielding grounds, catching pop-ups, throwing the ball to 1st base, and hitting pitches from a coach pitcher. 10U and up divisions will also have separate tryouts for pitcher and catchers.
What do we need to bring for tryouts? Glove, fielding facemask, helmet, and bat. Catchers gear may be required if trying out for catcher.
If we missed the registration deadline, do you offer late registration? Yes, until Jan 20th.
When will I know which team my child is on? Shortly after the draft, your team manager will contact you.
Will everyone make a team? Yes, if you were able to complete registration prior to the close of late registration then your daughter will make a team.
What equipment do I need to purchase to play? All players will need a glove, helmet, softball pants, cleats (No metal cleats), and USA Softball approved bat. Your team parent or coach will let you know what color pants to get. Helmets are required to have a face mask; a chin strap is required for 6u and 8u. Fielders mask are required for all infielders in all divisions.
What will PGSA provide for my child? The league will provide you with a game jersey and practice location.
What forms of communication is used for rain-outs or other important notifications? PGSA uses GroupMe to send out notifications and updates to Division Directors. Coaches can use whatever platform they choose to communicate with their teams.
If I have a complaint, who do I contact for assistance? Please contact your coach or division director first. If it is an issue with your individual child then please contact our Player Agent.
What are ways I can help to get more involved in PGSA? Email and it will be forwarded to the correct person. PGSA is always looking for dedicated parents, our Organization is run by volunteers.
What days/times are practices and games? We will not have a set schedule till after draft is completed. Coaches have the flexibility to set their practice times as needed. Typical practice time window is Mondays to Fridays from 6pm to 9pm.
Where are practices held? Practices are typically held at Dad's Club or Centennial Park Softball Fields.

Refund Policy - Spring 2023

  • If you request a refund prior to January 22nd (Coaches Draft Date) then you are entitled to 100% refund.
  • If you request a refund on or after the Coaches Draft Date, but prior to February 10th (First Games), then you are entitled to 50% refund.
  • If you request a refund on or after February 10th then you are entitled to 0% refund.

Play Age Chart (Spring 2023 Season)

Play Age / DOB (Year) Play Age
2019 3
2018 4
2017 5
2016 6
2015 7
2014 8
2013 9
2012 10
2011 11
2010 12
2009 13
2008 14

Recommended to play Fall in the division it is required to play in the Spring of the next season.

Division Chart

Play Age T-Ball 6U 8U 10U 12U 14U
3 X
4 X X
5 X
6 X
7 X
8 X
9 X
10 X
11 X
12 X
13 X
14 X