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Mission Statement

Pearland Girls Softball Association has been formed, and will exist, for the sole purpose of promoting good fellowship.  This will be achieved by fostering team participation while developing our athletes to be good leaders, students, citizens and team players.  This will be instilled through positive reinforcement and self-esteem development.  It is our intent to equip our athletes with a desire to achieve through perseverance and a positive team attitude while developing all participants in mind, body and spirit.

PGSA Opening Spring Tournament 2020 Results

6u 8u 10u 12/14u
1st Longhorns 1st Mustangs 1st Mustangs 1st Cougars
2nd Bears 2nd Cougars 2nd Cougars 2nd Aggies
3rd Aggies 3rd Longhorns 3rd Aggies 3rd Longhorns

  • 6u Longhorns 1st
  • 6u Bears 2nd
  • 6u Aggies 3rd
  • 8u Mustangs 1st
  • 8u Cougars 2nd
  • 8u Longhorns 3rd
  • 10u Mustangs 1st
  • 10u Cougars 2nd
  • 10u Aggies 3rd
  • 12/14u Cougars 1st
  • 12/14u Aggies 2nd
  • 12/14u Longhorns 3rd
  • TBall Cougars
  • TBall Aggies

NXT LVL Training Softball Skills Camp

Great turn out for the Softball Skills Camp!

Pearland Explosion 10u

Santa Fe Tournament Finalist 2019


Pearland Girls Softball Association at Pearland Area Dad's Club  6614 Fite Rd, Pearland, TX  77584